Articles By and About Baby Scoop Era Mothers

Articles By and About Baby Scoop Era Mothers

“Adoption:  In The Best Interest of Whom?” by Karen Wilson Buterbaugh and Joe Soll.  Clarifying the truth about the treatment women received at the hands of the adoption industry during the baby Scoop era, and their experiences after their loss.

“Adoption:  Not By Choice” by Karen Wilson Buterbaugh   (Eclectica Jul/Aug01).  Quotes from Baby Scoop Era adoption workers reveal how adoption was used as a punishment for the “crime” of unwed motherhood

“Adoption History – Setting the Record Straight.”  Is adoption a service for needy children or needy adults? This article makes a persuasive argument and sets the record straight.

“Wayward Past” by Susan Gervas. Shining a light on the dark corridors of a BSE Maternity “home.”

“Illegitimate Complaints” by Susan Gervas (Washington City Paper, May 21-27, 1999). Reports on a first mothers’ demonstration for open records in front of a Washington DC Maternity “home.”