The Baby Scoop Era, by Karen Wilson-Buterbaugh

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Advance Praise for The Baby Scoop Era:

“The Baby Scoop Era is a tool that should be studied by every adoption professional, social work student and prospective adopter involved in child welfare… A well written book that deserves a place on any library shelf in any country of the world.” Lily Arthur, Director Origins New South Wales Australia

“Karen Wilson-Buterbaugh shares both her own traumatic experience and, from her exhaustive research, a wealth of others’ revealing voices from and about this painful part of our past.” Professor Elizabeth J. Samuels, University of Baltimore School of Law

“In her exposé of the fateful coercion of pregnant women, Karen dares to tell the horrible truth, the punishment bestowed upon millions of women, a punishment worse than death, led like lambs to slaughter, to a trauma worse than the horrors of war.” Joe Soll, Psychotherapist, Author of “Adoption Healing… a path to recovery”

“This book should be included in Women’s Studies Programs across the nation… the non-fictionalized version of The Handmaid’s Tale.” Leslie Pate Mackinnon, LCSW

“Karen Wilson-Buterbaugh has broadly and richly mined the adoption, social work, and psychological literature of the last seventy-five years to document the ways that many authorities participated in the degradation of thousands of white girls and women in the United States.” Rickie Solinger, historian. Author of Wake Up Little Susie: Single Pregnancy and Race before Roe v. Wade (1992, 2000)and Beggars and Choosers: How the Politics of Choice Shapes Adoption, Abortion and Welfare in the United States (2001)

“Karen Wilson-Buterbaugh’s thorough and perceptive analysis clearly shows how the exploding adoption industry herded unmarried women in the decades after World War II into giving up their babies.” Lorraine Dusky, Author Hole in my Heart, a memoir and Report from the Fault Lines of Adoption

“The era of maternity homes, systematic punishment of unmarried mothers and forced child relinquishment should be common knowledge to anyone concerned about the rights of women. Yet the post-war decades that made up the Baby Scoop Era too often remain a missing chapter in the story of feminism.” Kathryn Joyce

“This account of compulsory, historical adoption in the USA has the capacity to bring about long overdue change by educating adoption social workers and other ‘helping’ professionals of the harm they continue to perpetuate by failing to understand the past. Twenty years of research has produced undeniable truth.” Joss Shawyer, Author, Death By Adoption (1979)

“This is the most thorough book about the history of adoption that I’ve ever read… With Karen’s use of statistics and quotes, you will be astonished to realize how many unwed mothers faced horrific scorn and shame.” Sandy Musser, Author, Activist, Founder, ALARM Network