Mothers for Open Records: Idaho to Iowa

Mothers for Open Records Everywhere (M.O.R.E.)


We, mothers separated from our children by adoption, hereby state publicly and unequivocally that we fully support open records for adult adoptees. We further state publicly and unequivocally that we were NEVER promised privacy or confidentiality, either verbally or in writing, at any time prior to, during, or after the surrender of our children to adoption.

Idaho to Iowa


Shannon Uriona, ID 1961
Nancy Campbell, ID 1967
Donna Mae Hatch, ID 1976
Jackie Dresback, ID 1976
Tricia Marty, ID 1984
Tina Clark, ID 1986




Patti Lemmer, IL 1955
Deitrah Stewart, IL 1961
Beckie Dunning, IL 1962
Veronica Krueger, IL 1962
Abby Genovaldi, IL 1965
Carol Clark, IL 1965
Kathy Williams, IL 1965
Rose Ann Chick, IL 1965
Abby Genovaldi, IL 1966
Jeanne Atkinson Gartland, IL 1966
Roberta Welch, IL 1966
Sharon Keeling, IL 1966
Linda Cebulski, IL 1967
Linda Elvin, IL 1967
Pam Powless, IL 1967
Pat Larson, IL 1967
Lola Wong Wing, IL 1968
Nancy Williams, IL 1968
Terrie Cooper, IL 1968
Becky Mullins, IL 1969
Christine Olson, IL 1969
Jan Schultz, IL 1969
Judi Rickert, IL 1969
Linda Higley, IL 1969
Rebecca Mullins, IL 1969
Robin Fannon, IL 1969
Colleen, IL 1970
Debra Rose, IL 1970
E. A. Verkler, IL 1970
Marla Miller, IL 1970
Mary Ross, IL 1970
Toni Wentz, IL 1970
Vicki King, IL 1971
Beckie Dunning, IL 1972
Dan Zobrist, IL 1972
Geraldine Rekowski, IL 1972
Geralyn Borwey, IL 1972
Debbie Holloway, IL 1973
Jamison Carter, IL 1973
Elizabeth Smith, IL 1976
Paula, IL 1976
Patrice Walsh, IL 1977
Belinda Douglas, IL 1981
Diane Mallette, IL 1981
Pamela Parks, IL 1982
Dawn Vich, IL 1983
Taja Beane, IL 1983
Lois Anderson, IL 1984
Susan Hermanowycz, IL 1986
Barbara Egli, IL 1989
Ceren Richardson, IL 1990
Rebecca Siegel, IL 2000


Danette Benson, IA 1962
Shirley Roben, IA 1962
Ruth Bell, IA 1963
Kate Mackin, IA 1965
Linda Spratt, IA 1968
Sue Jones, IA 1968
Dianne Mangum, IA 1969
Kathy Perkins, IA 1971
Barbara Salisbury, IA 1972
Debra Martin Davis, IA 1972
Margaret Hayes, IA 1972
Deb Hanks, IA 1975
Jean Zinnen, IA 1976
Pamela Hofford, IA 1976
Cheryl Graves, IA 1979
Kay Johnson, IA 1979
Lisa Merritt, IA 1979


Laura Dyke, IN
Debra Ginger, IN 1955
Victory Throndson, IN 1959
Mary Lee Swan, IN 1960
Sharon LaPlant, IN 1962
Violet Jacoby, IN 1964
Donna Lee Weiss, IN 1966
Janice Barnes, IN 1966
M. Ann Rutledge, IN 1966
Sharyl Pratt, IN 1968
Kathryn Holloway, IN 1969
Tilara Yawn, IN 1969
Betty Adams, IN 1970
Cathy Miller, IN 1970
Sharon Neesen, IN 1970
Juanita Frazier, IN 1971
Patricia Barbara, IN 1971
Angela Harris, IN 1972
Becky Warner, IN 1972
Dana Kim Baker, IN 1972
Linda Jessie, IN 1972
Angela Harris, IN 1974
Tammy Morrical, IN 1975
Louise (Penny) Wilson, IN 1976
Cynthia Johns, IN 1977
Sandi Rath, IN 1978
Sherry Benjamin, IN 1978
Danielle Gibson, IN 1979
Cindy Short, IN 1980
Darcey Jackson, IN 1981
Renee Walstra, IN 1982
Dawn Knox, IN 1989
Eva Marie Heath, IN 1990
JoAnn Robinson-Roberts, IN 1993
Nicole King, IN 1996




To be included on this declaration, please email us with your name, address (confidential), email address (confidential) and the state and year in which you surrendered your baby.